Another studio comes in on Monster Posse!

I don’t know what’s going on but while one studio I’m still waiting to hear from about The Monster Posse, another one, maybe two have just chimed in as well. 

Monster Posse has gone through this before.  One studio or rep will be interested, then the others hear about it and the battle begins.

I’ll only wait so long this time as I’m waiting so I can publish the e-book version.  Regardless, I’ll publish the e-book version of the entire 78 pages so you guys can read it.  Stay tuned for more.

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Okay so the good news is one of Hollywood’s top studios is still interested in THE MONSTER POSSE.  I’ve had to send off a package to them and we’ll see where it goes from here.

I’m not too familiar with today’s actresses with musical talent as I’m so out of it I didn’t even know who Alicia Keys was until earlier this year.  So since THE MONSTER POSSE has a main female lead in it who has dancing and singing and musical talent all sorts of names popped up.  It’d have to be someone who could play an Italian woman around early 20’s to early 30’s with dancing skills. 

My pal Ian Frahm the crazy skateboard artist ( crazy in a good way ) mentioned Jessica Alba because he remembers her when she was a wee kid hanging out with her famous skateboarding relative.  It’s so funny you see these people as kids and next thing you know they’re big time movie stars! 

Anyhow, once I get word as to what will happen with the property and whom will head the development I’ll know more and if contracts allow I’ll post it here.

Because the comic book is so old, lots of plot devices and designs have to be reworked.  That happens whenever any property is brought to the big or small screen.

I was happy to hear from Scott Rosenberg of Platinum Studios who just bought WOWIO the online publishing ebook company.  Scott and I go wayyyy back.  He was happy to hear THE MONSTER POSSE was still rolling along.

I’ve got some other cool comic book news coming up but you’ll have to read about it at my other blog

Anybody know any cute talented women aged 20-30 who can dance and sing and act?

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Hi gang, Greg Boone here again, your favorite, writer, artist to tell you the latest about my comic book “THE MONSTER POSSE”!

Well for the fourth time my comic book series “THE MONSTER POSSE” is being optioned for film/tv development by major Hollywood players.  This time it looks better than before because we have the technology to pull off the special effects.  I was surprised that several studios were always talking about “THE MONSTER POSSE” but didn’t know where I was.  Weird.  Anyhow I’ve got several studios asking and we’ll see how it goes.  I’ll have to update it but I’m not going for my characters to be altered to the point of unrecognizability. 

 One thing that pleased me was that two actresses you’re all familiar with were recommended to play the starring role of Rosie, the young woman who is guardian to the Monster Posse kids.  Alicia Keyes and Rosario Dawson’s names came up.  It’s ironic because Dawson and her family are friends with my best pal Grey of  I remember Dawson as a wee kid I saw a few times a long time ago.  It would be ironic to see her star in the movie.   Anyhow, I’m flattered that Monster Posse is being considered again and the original 76 page story is being prepped as an e-book!  I may choose the WOWIO site to publish it as good ol’ Scott Rosenberg from Platinum Studios just bought WOWIO and is restructuring it.  Fans know that it was Scott Rosenberg who first published “THE MONSTER POSSE” under his Malibu Comics label way back in the early 90’s.  New Line Cinema was interested in “THE MONSTER POSSE” then and I ran into a couple of the folks who used to work at New Line Cinema and they told me how much they liked it.  Scott also optioned “THE MONSTER POSSE”  a few years ago again to bring it to film.  So I feel comfortable with Scott and his new venture to show off the original series again.

 Recently a lady contacted me about the action model kits of “THE MONSTER POSSE”  that she found.  She wanted to know how much she should charge for them on Ebay.  I wanted to buy them right then and there because they’re of such high quality and rare. 

So for now I’ll be waiting and seeing what’ll happen next to “THE MONSTER POSSE”.  This time I’m going to be hands on in the development stage to make sure things go right.  Stay tuned!

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Well, the news is abuzz about more strange creatures emerging to baffle our best.  In this case this story is about a creature found in Montauk, New York.  Montauk is the centerpiece to a long series of stories and investigations regarding strange creatures, experiments, and secret government goings on.  Perhaps something escaped?  Who knows, we’ll wait to find out!

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One of my other comic books, “Evol Baby”

Every other day I’ll get an email or someone will stop me on the street and scream out: ” Evol Baby Rules! “.

I’m like, “Who are these people? How do they remember Evol Baby?”

Well one answer came a few years ago from my now pal Martin “Eagle Wolf”.  Everyone in Hollywood knows Eagle.  He rides around on his sooped up scooter with all the Star Wars and Anime stickers on it and delivers for the top restaurants in the area.  He’s more famous out here than most celebrities.  Well when we first met he lived across the street.  He came over and we started talking geek stuff like Star Wars and Star Trek and I sent him to my website to see some of my toons.  Well he comes over the next day screaming at me how I “ripped off” Evol Baby because when he was a kid he lived for Evol Baby and had all the comic books and he showed me the now famous Thrasher Comics #5.  I stood there as he pointed to the comic book telling me how I ripped it off.  I didn’t scream I just kept my cool and asked him to look at the bottom right corner of the comic book where my name and copyright stuff is and he did and was silent for a minute. His eyes bugged out and he looked at me and screamed,

“That’s YOU! Dude! That’s YOU!”

So I said to him, how could after ten years, he never read the credits?

You live and learn.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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